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20170102 - Dying Son T-shirts sale


Happy new years everyone!

To celebrate the year 2017 we have dropped the total price on our "Dying Son" t-shirts to 5 Euro. That is worldwide shipping included.

Some basics so everyone will get a chance to get one:

*Max 1 t-shirt/customer

*While webshop storage last

*We will save some t-shirts for future gigs

20161227 - Starblind is back, Promo video for the upcoming album!


Starblind is back!

New singer. New album. Same Heavy Metal as before.

Please welcome Marcus Sannefjord Olkerud to the Starblind family!


Promovideo for the upcoming 3rd album in 2017























(Marcus Sannefjord Olkeru, foto: Stefan Steise)

20160325 - We have a big and announcement to make


We are sad to announce that Mike has decided to leave Starblind. We’ve had a great journey together, making music, meeting fantastic people and forming lifelong memories. Never could we have imagined being through all these experiences together forming the band only three years ago.


But now is the time for us to go our separate ways. We; Daniel, Björn, JJ and Zak will continue on with Starblind and are now searching for a new lead vocalist.


We wish Mikey all the best on his future musical career and are very anxious to hear about his new project.


Starblind will come back in full force when we are, again, a holy quintet. 

20160105 - Merch updated!


We have updated our bandshop with new awesome Tee-shirts, CD´s and different bundles. All prices are with Worldwide shipping included in the price.


20151223 - A Dying Son Official music video released!


We are happy to present our very first Official Music Video taken from our new album Dying Son.

Heavy Chistmas from Starblind



20151215 - Dying Son, New reviews


Even more reviews of "Dying Son"




20151210 - Dying Son, New reviews


New reviews on "Dying Son"


20151207 - Dying Son, New reviews


Another great review, this time written by Andy Machin over at the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Blog.


Another review of our new album Dying Son, this time from writer René Urkus METALHEAD, taly.

Metalhead (75%)

20151204 - Dying Son, Worldwide release


Today our second album is released worldwide!

The album is now available as CD and digital download.


20151121 - Dying Son, Pre-order, Interviews


The pre-order phase has now started for our upcoming album "Dying Son"

It is now available in the Pure Steel webshop. Save 1 Euro during the pre-order time.

The official releasedate of the album is the 4 th of December 2015.


Pre-order here.



20151105 - Dying Son, first reviews and the official promo video


First reviews of "Dying Son":


Horror Metal Sounds (90%) (85%)


The Metal Mag (100%)


Skull fracturing Metal Zine (85%)


20151021 - Dying Son, first single "A Dying Son" on Soundcloud


The very first official single, "A Dying Son" taken from our upcoming album "Dying Son" launched on our record label Pure Steel Records Soundcloud channel, have a listen and stay metal!



20151016 - Dying Son


Starblind - Dying son (Coverart)

Here we go, press release today from our record label Pure Steel Records today...


The release date of the STARBLIND album „Dying Son“ on CD is December 04th, 2015. The pre-order phase will start on November 20th, 2015..


Following the brand new signing of STARBLIND with Pure Steel Records in March 2015, STARBLINDS sophomore album "Dying Son" is soon to be unleashed upon the world, following up their album debut "Darkest Horrors" from 2014. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden; STARBLIND are here to deliver traditional Heavy Metal as if time had stood still since 1984.


Their music can be described as catchy Heavy Metal with majestic twin guitar leads, pumping bass guitar, dynamic drums and melodic, powerful vocals. No attempts has been done to hide the influences when writing the material to "Dying Son". And it stands clear that the metal giants from Great Britain are the main ones.

"Dying Son" contains everything from fast songs like "The Lighthouse" and "A Dying Son", to mid-tempo "Firestone" and "Sacrifice", to the 11 ½ ¬minute opus "The Land of Seven Rivers Beyond the Sea".


STARBLINDs sophomore album "Dying Son" have been recorded live in the studio and is produced by Rocka Rollas/Blazon Stone mastermind Cedrick Forsberg. Because of the philosophy of no guitar dubbing, no triggers and no metronome when recording, the album has a very authentic and organic feel. What you get on the album, is what you get live!

To the fans of 80 ́s metal and of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal", this is a record you cannot miss!



1. A Dying Son

2. Blood Red Skies

3. Firestone

4. The Man Of The Crowd

5. The Lighthouse

6. Sacrifice

7. Room 101

8. The Land Of Seven Rivers Beyond The Sea

Total Playing Time: 47:53 min

Coverart by Markus Vesper

Logo By Chris Horst

Link to Official Press Release below:…/STARBLIND_Dying_Son_Cove…


20150624 - Radio show


Please join us and listen in on Sonic Asylum radio on June 29th. In Europe this will start at 24:00 June 30th. Listeners will get to listen to a world premiere of some of the songs from the new album (The Lighthouse), we in the band will be on the show for a live interview as well as to answer questions from listeners.

For Europeans the show starts at 24:00 CET

Sonic Asylum Radio


20150601 - Studio update


The final vocal tracks are now recorded, including an amazing guest performance by the great L-G Persson, lead vocalist in the great power metal band The Storyteller.

Now the mixing phase will begin, so its all in the hands of our producer Cedrick Forsberg of Rocka Rollas Smiley smile

Meanwhile enjoy our pre-production album teaser


20150427 - Studio update


Just a small update from the Starblind camp regarding the album recordings!


Tracks (Tracklist is not set yet):

A Dying Son

Blood Red Skies

The Man of the Crowd

Room 101

Firestone (Perun)


The Lighthouse

The Land of Seven Rivers Beyond the Sea


All instrumental parts for the upcoming album was finished in only 3 days of recording (we had 1 week planned) so everything went smoother and faster than planned. We must say that everything sounds amazing so far and the recording process of recording everything live in the studio and without the use of a metronome really works well for us as a band.

On sunday after some weeks of resting our ears vocal recordings will begin.

20150325 - Starblind inks new record deal with Pure Steel Records GMBH (New album teaser)


After a few months of negotiating with different labels Starblind are proud to announce the signing with Pure Steel Records GMBH for a worldwide release of our upcoming album. Pure Steel´s profile fits us as a band perfectly and we feel confident that this will help us take the next step as a band.


Here is a pre-production album teaser for our fans!



For more information contact Starblind Manager


Guy D´haeseleer





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Phone: +49 3774 1801069


20150305 - Starblind - Night Of The Blade


While recording pre-production for the upcoming album at Studio 2-Takt, we had a few extra hours to kill and therefor we decided to record a cover version of the legendary song Night of the Blade by Tokyo Blade.

We recorded this live in the studio, without any use of a metronome and far away from any sort of drum triggers.


20150303 - Studio photos, rehearsing


The band is hard at work rehearsing all the new songs planned to be on our next album, we just noticed that we basically have written material for 2 more albums already Album recordings are planned to start in late Spring/early summer.

Also we just finished a photosession with our very good friend and photographer Stefan Steise, I think he took at least 666 pictures. Here is one!

Copyright(c) by Starblind